Turan A. A.

Adli Bilimler ve Suç Araştırmaları, vol.3, no.1-2, pp.97-106, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

  • Publication Type: Article / Article
  • Volume: 3 Issue: 1-2
  • Publication Date: 2021
  • Journal Name: Adli Bilimler ve Suç Araştırmaları
  • Page Numbers: pp.97-106
  • Police Academy Affiliated: Yes


Terrorism is serially growing in global, threat the security of world and rises the danger of bioterrorism. This mini review includes terror, terrorism and the potential danger or treat of bioterrorism. And also biological agents that could be sweated, last developments in novel technologies, detecting and/or controlling the biological treat. Terror; an event that been brought into action. Terrorism, on the other hand, describes the method has followed to realize the strategy or ideology of terrorism to achieve its religious, political or economic goals. The causes of terrorism are very diverse. For example it can be economic, psychological, ethnic, geopolitical and socio-cultural. The main types of terrorism; individual terrorism, supranational terrorism, biological terrorism, narco-terrorism, counter-state terrorism and global terrorism. Bioterrorism can be ideological, religious, political or economic gain by individuals, groups or governments and the use of biological agents cause disease or death among humanbeings, many animals and plants. Underlying purpose is to use biological pathogens, which have negative effects on people in particular and all living things in general, as biological weapons. For example, during World War II, Japanese forces tried various infectious diseases such as anthrax, plague and smallpox on prisoners in Manchuria and caused deaths. Today, proxy wars are taking place between terrorist structures and regular armies, and the use of biological agents as a weapon is a very strong possibility. Two concepts emerge here; biological warfare and bioterrorism. Attacks targeting military structures are considered “biological warfare”and attacks targeting civilians are considered “bioterrorism”.